Build America Buy America

As America starts to rebuild from the long economic disaster of the 21st Century, we must strive to rebuild our country’s core industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, along with rebuilding our country’s infrastructure.

Build America Buy America

Build America Buy America

To achieve this as a business owner, we at Riverside Mfg. have committed to buy America as much as possible. This can be difficult and a lot of extra work at times. These American made products can be more expensive, but I believe that America is worth it.

Therefore, we have designed a Buy America program that will enhance your business by offering a Buy America option to your customers.

What we ask, is whenever possible, look at your product lines and ask yourself, can Riverside manufacture this for us?

Our goal is to manufacture products in America with Melted and Manufactured US materials. Again, it may be difficult to find 100% US materials at times, but we will strive to achieve this goal.

The Buy America program helps to identify our customer needs and provide the best product possible. Riverside Mfg. believes it’s possible to manufacture custom American made products at a competitive price point or slightly higher vs foreign made products. America is worth it.

You now can offer an alternative to your customers, to Buy American.

Giving you the edge against your competition.

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Tool to Help You

Here is how it works:

Your customer is looking to you for a part

  1. Identify your customer’s needs.
  2. Identify if you have what your customer wants (is it an existing part or a new part?)
  3. Inform your customer that you may be able to get this part for him/her as a made in the USA part.
  4. Send a request to Riverside Mfg with a description and a drawing or picture (non copyrighted part).

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We will provide proof of material origin and or other process completed in the USA. If not 100% made in America, we will itemize.